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Tryzzo's the name

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by tryzzo, 17 November 2016.

  1. tryzzo Member

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    30 October 2016
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    Hey Salads!

    Discovered the server by chance some weeks back as a good surprise.
    I am a long time Minecraft player (since Alpha something something... very early!) but i somehow missed some of the latest features. I was playing on a server that kind of died away but my base was too awesome to abandon.
    But i missed the community gaming and decided to explore new lands, which happen to b Salad's. And i like it a lot so far.
    I like the possible "Vanilla" gameplay while still having options to access useful features, great modpack you guys did there ;)

    As for myself IRL, my name is Tristan, I'm French, live in Denmark for the past 6 years. Let's just say i'm a grown up person that enjoy traveling, do drawing and spray painting as a hobby, and recently started to do bouldering (climbing).

    That's it for now.
    Again, glad to be back on an active server and would love to be part on some group activities if possible.
    You can find me on the vanilla map around X10.200 Y7000.

    A plus dans l' bus! (as we say in French)

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  2. MrsSalad Owner

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    3 September 2012
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    Welcome to the server!!