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Ticket submitted by ZombieOMG

Discussion in 'Help Tickets' started by ZombieOMG, 20 September 2019.

  1. ZombieOMG Member

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    25 May 2016
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    What type of issue do you have?

    If this is a griefing issue, what are the coords?

    Type your issue here:
    I used to play on this server a few years back and id like to rejoin, but my friends were the ones who helped me set it up so i can play. I dont know where to start. What launcher do i even use??? plz halp. I tried technic, And the java one i think? I set it to 1.14 as well... I miss saladcraft!!!
  2. XENETHEK Member

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    14 August 2019
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    try 1.14.4 java vanila