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Solved Ticket submitted by miaku10

Discussion in 'Help Tickets' started by miaku10, 22 March 2021.

  1. miaku10 Member

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    12 December 2014
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    What type of issue do you have?

    If this is a griefing issue, what are the coords?

    Type your issue here:
    I died during blood moon when I went back to death spot I only found my food and iron. All my armor and weapons were gone (Starting axe and all my Enchanted diamond armor). Is there a reason all my stuff would have disappeared?
  2. spacehermit Staff

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    5 February 2015
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    maybe all the mobs picked up your stuff and ran off... but seriously, there was probably a creeper explosion that took out all your items since you aren't fingerz.. I've seen this before, will come on to check it out.
  3. MrsSalad Owner

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    3 September 2012
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    I was literally about to say that a creeper most likely blew it up when I saw the ticket in my email lol!