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Ticket submitted by MeddlinMegs

Discussion in 'Help Tickets' started by MeddlinMegs, 20 December 2016.

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    31 July 2015
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    For the quests in the quest line, there seems to be a bug where you have to deliver items all at once, otherwise it will glitch and randomize what you've delivered and what you need. This is a huge inconvenience, and even worse, every time you re-log, it randomizes these items. If someone is unaware of this glitch, as I was, and they deliver early, they may end up having to re-gather items they already delivered, and if they log out while in the process of fixing it, they will have to start all over, the only way to fix it being to quit the quest and go back in. Annrkee asked me to make a helpop form addressing this issue so other players can be informed of this and so staff might be able to find a way to help players end up in the situation I ended up in.

    I know staff can't do anything about the glitch since they did not create the pluggin, but I hope other players can be made aware of this issue when starting the quest line so they do not have to gather all the supplies, especially with the quests nearing the end, again.