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Solved Ticket submitted by DualMage532

Discussion in 'Help Tickets' started by DualMage532, 21 December 2018.

  1. DualMage532 Member

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    25 May 2016
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    What type of issue do you have?

    If this is a griefing issue, what are the coords?
    X: -3000 Z: 3311 (Nether)

    Type your issue here:
    I was placing slabs around in the nether and hadn't known there was a glitch with the keep inventory doesn't work in the nether, and had died flying into a wall with lava and some land underneath it... I had lost some stuff within the lava, some survived on land, but my tools which had a donor pick were burned in the lava...
    Thank you.
  2. MrsSalad Owner

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    3 September 2012
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    The plugin has been updated and should work now. I will try to get onto the server and assist you sometime today. If not today then definitely tomorrow. Also we've had a new rollback tool added that is similar to the one we used to have. So the staff should be able to better assist players in future.