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Ticket submitted by creeperface2040

Discussion in 'Help Tickets' started by creeperface2040, 4 February 2020.

  1. creeperface2040 Member

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    24 February 2019
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    What type of issue do you have?

    If this is a griefing issue, what are the coords?

    Type your issue here:
    Last Sunday I left in the End because I wanted to do the Enderdragon sadly I was too tired and left there. Then Monday I joined back and suffocated in the End due the reset. I couldn't survive since the End is protected against grief. I did not save the screenshots made during this tragic event but I would love to receive any sort of assistance. I lost things as Legendary Darmour, Elytra and Salad finger axe gained. All that took a lot of work and losing it due that is quite making me upset. I hope this could have any results.