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Ticket submitted by ChqdHogan

Discussion in 'Help Tickets' started by ChqdHogan, 12 January 2019 at 19:43.

  1. ChqdHogan Member

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    What type of issue do you have?

    If this is a griefing issue, what are the coords?

    Type your issue here:


    I died in nether, lost everything and all of my stuff burned, I got all new stuff, ate a god apple, and I /backed. I was not near the border, but I teleported to the top of the nether and died when I /backed.
  2. spacehermit Staff

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    5 February 2015
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    I am going to talk to staff about it, and see what we can/will do for you. Hang in there best you can till then. And don't play in the nether with your best stuff.. 2nd trident lost in the nether i think.. 1st was mine.