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The post you have all been waiting for **Edited**

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MrsSalad, 7 December 2016.

  1. Big_Bird91 Loyal Staff

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    6 February 2013
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    What stuff were you automating? cause half of the machines broke or didn't work due to the world gen, and are you done with minecraft as a whole?
  2. MeddlinMegs Member

    Member Since:
    31 July 2015
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    Will pets be reset? I didn't see it mentioned and I'm just wondering.
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  3. stockerfocker33 Member

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    17 April 2016
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    a restart is upsetting. I have a massive town i will be losing as well as gear and spoons. I won't be returning and if I do it won't be as much as I used to play. Don't feel like rebuilding every 10-12 months.
    Good luck to you guys, hope it works out for you.
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  4. Portal_2_GLaDOS Member

    Member Since:
    10 July 2013
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    I might come back to this server when the map resets guys just so you know.
  5. TanathDulnar Member

    Member Since:
    24 August 2016
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    I had automated dust and carbon production completely. Have ( until reset ) like 12 doublechests setup to store cobble, feed it through the machines Cobble to Gravel, then over to make the Sifted Ore to then Making the Dusts, then dump them into their own set of like 9-12 doublechest silos. I was using the electric versions plus cargo nets to move the items. I also was testing automating the creation of ingots, and alloys ( which the tests worked great I just was saving up mats to be able to make the production versions )

    I also had tested the automated crafting stations with the cargo net systems and they worked great. I had some of the cargo net output and input nodes misbehave when I used just one of the item as the blacklist or whilelisting item so I used a stack and then never had an issue.

    I built my systems underground with no issues at all.

    As for level of quitting I am doing? With the reset I will be done with cloud based minecraft servers more than likely unless I decide to make one, and even then it would not be public. I will probably just use an old machine I have and build it here and just boot it up when I want to play and not have to worry about resets ( unless I drink and think I am Trogdor or something ). Maybe try my hand at making a plugin or two.

    This server has the best and most professional staff that I have seen on the servers I have been on. You all have done more with a few staff than some servers do with 3-4 times the staff.

    For those who will be returning due to the reset, throw a props to those running and staffing the server and go and give a donation. The fingerz rank, is very well worth it and helps to maintain the server plus many of the tools and other perks you can get are worthwhile. Show your support !
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  6. MrsSalad Owner

    Member Since:
    3 September 2012
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    Because they are a permission not an actual item, those will be kept.
  7. Neko_Sammy Member

    Member Since:
    8 January 2015
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    I'm so exited for this reset! Even if i love the little town i had made i was still in need of a reset. Also spawn is absoloutely gorgeus! I so want to make more time so i can try for staff again...
  8. LeonWales Member

    Member Since:
    4 August 2013
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    I am also excited :) it's the 9th whoot whoot :)
  9. gemhunter76 Member

    Member Since:
    19 September 2014
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    I like having a new s1 map. Fresh territory.

    I'm not going to level up to research all the slimefun stuff again, though.

    If slimefun server had a lot more XP awarded for voting, (8 or 10 lvls per vote)and less or no spoons for voting. Slimefun could be developed WAY faster.

    A "research all" type of donation option might be considered too.
  10. DouglaJek Member

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    9 August 2018
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