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New shop plugin!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MrsSalad, 4 July 2019.

  1. MrsSalad Owner

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    3 September 2012
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    We are excited to announce a WORKING chestshop plugin. And if I do say so personally, I like this one better. No more trying to remember what goes where on the sign as it does it all for you! Even shows people how much inventory you have on hand. Also, who doesn't love floaty fancy looking blocks?

    mc shops.png

    So here is a brief rundown of how this works:

    How to Create a Shop
    1. Place a chest on the ground
    2. Hit the chest with the item you want to trade
    3. Type in price for the item (As prompted) in chat
    4. Fill the chest with the items you wish to sell
    If you would like to switch to BUYING items, simply left click the sign with an open hand, then use the cursor to click on the option you wish to change in chat.
    mc shops 2.jpg
    Buying items is easy as well. Simply right click on the chest and enter in chat how many you want to buy.
    mc shops 3.jpg
    Also, just a reminder, if you wish to purchase a faction shop warp, it is 50k and the application is here. Please make sure your shop is complete before filling out the application!
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  2. Mirrorous Member

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    30 May 2015
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    I love this plugin! This is an amazing plugin and i am sure you can use pipes or hoppers to keep the shop automatically filled.