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Commands & Wiki Links

Discussion in 'Community Help' started by Saladfingers, 20 August 2013.

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  1. Saladfingers Retired

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    10 June 2011
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    Below is a list of most commands available (in no particular order) with additional links at the end of the page.
    Wiki links are are the bottom.

    • /vote - List vote sites
    • /go - Open the SaladCraft Menu System
    • /ashop, /adminshop - Directly open the Admin Shop menu
    • /warp, warps - Directly open the Warp menu
    • /pshop - Directly open the Point Shop menu
    • /fshop, /factionshop - Directly open the Faction Shops
    • /wild - Teleport to a random location in the survival world
    • /helpop - Request help from a staff member
    • /rules - A complete list of server rules
    • /seen - Check when a player was last online
    • /ls - Show the player list
    • /spawn - Teleport to the server starting area
    • /tpa - Teleport to a friend
    • /tpahere - Teleport a friend to you
    • /tpaccept - Accept a teleport
    • /back - Return to your previous location/death point
    • /mail - Read in-game mail
    • /sethome [name] - Set your current location as a home. [name] is needed to set multiple homes
    • /home - Go to your home location
    • /spoons - show your money
    • /pay - Pay another player
    • /spoints - Display how many Salad Points you have
    • /getpos - See your current location
    • /depth - See how many blocks below sea level you are
    • /compass - See your current direction
    • /fly - Fly around the word (Fingerz only)
    • /firework - Modify a stack of fireworks with unlimited effects (Fingerz only)
    • /near - See nearby players
    • /recipe - Displays how to craft items. Replace spaces with _ (/recipe diamond_sword)
    • /craft - Open a portable workbench (RustySpoon+ only)
    • /hat - Wear any block on your head (RustySpoon+ only)
    • /nick - change your in-game name (Store purchase)
    • /ptime [time] - Change your client time. Example: /ptime @day - make it permanent day for yourself (KingSpoon+)
    • /echest - Open a portable enderchest - No physical enderchest required (KingSpoon+)
    • /id - Find the Data Value of the item you are holding
    • /lag, /gc - Server TPS (lag) information
    • /pweather - Turn the cosmetic weather effects off. Only affects the player. Example: /pweather sun
    • /scvron - Enable Item/xp drop protection (Fingerz only)
    • /scvroff - Disable Item/xp drop protection (Fingerz only)
    • /pets - Open the pet menu
    • /faq, /commands, /help - Opens a GUI for running popular commands and offers player tips
    • /clog - View the last 3 days of the chagelog
    • /lock - Lock a chest/dispenser/furnace/door etc..
    • /unlock - Remove a lock
    • /cmodify [name] - Give another player access to the lock
    • /cpassword [password] - Create a password protected lock
    • /cpublic - Creates a public protection that everyone can access, but no-one can lock or break
    • /cpersist - Make your lock command persist - No need to re-type /lock. Works until you type it again
    • The factions plugin has far too many commands to list here, an extensive help system is available in-game. Just type /f
    • /ch list - Shows the available channels
    • /ch [channel name or shortcut] - This will make the channel you select your active channel.
      • /ch g - Global
      • /ch l - Local
      • /ch f - Faction
      • /ch a - Allies
    • /[channel shortcut] [msg] (/l hello) - This sends a message to a channel that is not your current active channel.
    • /ignore - Ignores a player
    • /m [player] - Send a private message to a player.
    • /r - Quick reply to the last person who messaged you
    • /leave [channel] - Leave a channel
    • /join [channel] - Join a channel
    MCMMO (S1):
    • /stats - see your mcmmo stats
    • /[ability] - see detailed information about a mcmmo ability (/fishing /mining etc..)
    • /party [name] - creates a party
    • /p - turn party chat on/off
    • /invite [name] - invite someone to the party
    • /accept - accept an invite
    • /party q - quit the party
    • /party kick [name] - kick a player
    • /auc s [PRICE] [INCREMENT] - Auction what is in your hand.
    • /bid [amount] [maxbid] - Use max bid to set the maximum price you are willing to pay. The auction system will then automatically bid up to that amount for you if it needs too.
    • /auc cancel - Cancel your current running auction if less than 30 seconds remaining.
    • /auc stfu - ignore auctions. Type again to enable.
    • /ontime - Show your current play time, votes & other information
    • /topplayers- Show the top 10 players
    • /topvotes - Show the top voters for the month
    • /ontime help - More in-depth help
    JOBS (S1):
    • /jobs browse - List all available jobs
    • /jobs join [job] - Join a job
    • /jobs leave [job] - Leave a job. All exp will be lost
    • /jobs info [job] - Display the payout information for your level
    • /jobs stats - Statistics
    • /quest - Display current Quest objectives
    • /quest [quest name] - Display Quest information
    • /quests - Display quest commands
    • /quests quit [quest] - Quit a current Quest
    • /quests stats - View your Questing stats
    • /quests top [number] - View top Questers (useless as quests don't give quest points)
    • /quests info - Display plugin information

    General gameplay: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Minecraft_Wiki
    Craftbook: http://wiki.sk89q.com/wiki/CraftBook
    CreativeGates: http://www.saladfingerz.co.uk/threads/creative-gates.2342
    ChestShop: http://www.saladfingerz.co.uk/threads/chestshop.8
    mcMMO: http://mcmmo.wikia.com
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  2. archiesci Member

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    26 February 2013
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    Holy that is a lot of commands, thank you though it was very usefull!!!
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  3. Saladfingers Retired

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    10 June 2011
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    Updated to include new playtime commamds
  4. SPDene Member

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    17 December 2015
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    Added quest commands
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