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Discussion in 'Community Help' started by Saladfingers, 30 August 2014.

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    10 June 2011
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    11 November 2021
    • Updated MOTD
    • Changed Fishing Contest:
      • 15 minutes long down from 30
      • First place prize: 100xp, 5000 spoons, 5 diamonds, 2 netherite ingots
      • Second place prize: 50xp, 2500 spoons, 5 emeralds
      • Third place prize: 25xp, 1250 spoons, 5 iron ingots
      • Stopped global announcements for all fish, with the exception of 1st place catch. Now you will only see announcements for your own catches, as well as people nearby.

    4th November 2021
    • The End now resets every 3 days, down from 7 days.
    5th February 2021
    • Mob block damage enabled in the nether
    22nd December 2019
    • Server reset and updated to 1.15.1
    • Faction shop warps are no longer available, this may return in the future
    11th August 2019
    • New world available: Nordic
    31st July 2019
    30th July 2019
    • The enchantment job now pays for all 1.14 enchants
    • New enchanted books added to the point shop
    • Chainmail and Crossbows are now mcMMO repairable/salvageable
    19th July 2019
    • Spawners can now be silk touched in the nether
    12th July 2019
    • Disguises are back
    11th July
    • Fingerz can now make any item glow! /glow /removeglow
    10th July 2019
    • Auction house listings now last for 48 hours (up from 24 hours)
    • Unidentified items and Identify tomes have been re-worked. Any previously looted unidentified items/tomes will no longer work
    • Added Identify tomes to the /ashop
    8th July 2019
    • Boat Update:
      • Boats now bounce off objects rather than breaking apart.
      • When dismounting a boat, the boat will instantly go back into your inventory
      • Boats can only be placed on water
    4th July 2019
    3rd July 2019
    • Factions warps added. Command: /f warp add (5 max)
    • Faction max power increased to 1000 (up from 500)
    • Spawners cannot be sold on the auction house
    • Ranks below KingSpoon cannot drop, place or acquire spawners
    • Faction banks are re-enabled
    • New rule: Spawners cannot be traded, sold or given away
    • Monsters can be toggled on/off on claimed land. Command: /f flag set monsters <on/off>
    9th February 2019
    • Voting rewards fixed
    • Player shop heads and books are working again
    • Fishing contest revamp: Runs every 3 hours, lasts for 30 minutes. 1st place wins a Trident!
    19th April 2018
    • Pets are back!
    • Mobs now carry spoons once more
    13th August 2017
    • Updated SlimeFun to 1.12
    2nd August 2017
    • Voting is working again
    26th February 2017
    • All object disguises have been disabled,
    • The fishing contest now runs twice a day (12:00 and 00:00 server time)
    27th December 2016
    • Landing claiming re-enabled in the nether
    • Players who find themselves above the nether (bedrock region) will take void damage
    26th December 2016
    • Both creative worlds have been removed
    • The auction house has been removed
    • Lottery removed
    20th December 2016
    • Fixed spawn eggs in the admin shop
    17th December 2016
    • Slime fun server reset
    11th December 2016
    • Husk & Zombie Villager pets added
    9th December 2016
    • S1 sever reset
    10th December 2016
    • Spawn Llama eggs added to the admin shop
    • MythicDrops replaces InfernalMobs
    26th Novemner 2016
    • LLama & Evoker disguises added to the RustySpoon rank
    20th November 2016
    • S1 updated to 1.11
    27th October 2016
    • Silkspawner restrictions have been lifted
    • Infernal Mobs now drop powerful loot again
    • Chestshop diamond restrictions removed
    • Diamord ore can be auctioned
    • Mob head drops re-enabled
    18th September 2016
    • Slimefun: Bloodmoon has been removed
    14th September 2016
    • /hat command is back
    12th September 2016
    • Slimefun: Bloodmoon has replaced InfernalMobs
    10th September 2016
    • New server launched: Slimefun (/sfun)
    20th August 2016
    • Quests removed (unpopular)
    31st July 2016
    • Replaced MythicDrops with Infernal Mobs
    • Added a new money drop plugin
    8th July 2016
    • The quest "Pollen Allergy" is now working
    3rd July 2016
    • New faction chat commands: /ch f, ch a
    2nd July 2016
    • Crates removed
    • Slime, Guardian, Pig Zombie, Enderman, Wolf, Ocelot & Iron Golem spawners added to the server store
    • Red Sand recipe added
    28th June 2016
    • Polar bear disguise added to the KingSpoon rank
    25th June 2016
    • More pets added: Rabbit, Endermite, Guardian & Polarbear!
    18th June 2016
    • Packed ice custom recipe added
    • Crates are back
    17th June 2016
    • Quest world added (/warp)
    16th June 2016

    • Server updated to 1.10
    • Crates temp disabled
    26th May 2016
    • Creative unlimited world added
    16th May 2016
    • Creative plot world added
    2nd May 2016
    • Dynmap is continuing to give issues. Disabled until we have a fix
    27th April 2016
    • Added villager eggs and Wither boss packs to the /ashop
    25th April 2016
    • Due to server crashes crate mounts have been disabled
    13th April 2016
    • Server difficulty increased to Hard
    12th April 2016
    • Crates have been re-enabled in all worlds. Gadgets removed. Mounts and suits added.
    11th April 2016
    • Cosmetics have been temporarily restricted to the spawn world
    10th April 2016
    6th April 2016
    • The starter kit is now reusable. 12 hour CD (/kit starter)
    4th April 2016
    • New Faction chat commands: /fc f, /fc a, /fc p (or /fc to cycle)
    • S2 removed due to lack of players
    2nd April 2016
    • Removed all negative actions from the Digger, Woodcutter and Miner Jobs
    1st April 2016
    • Removed Hard/Stained clay from the builder job
    • Added Rabbit's Foot, Ghast Tear and Carrots to the potion kit (store)
    31st March 2016
    • S2: Added SaladMarket and Jobs
    29th March 2016
    • S1: Re-enabled auctions
    • Pets added to the Admin Shop
    • S1: Re-enabled identifying
    • Added more commands to the player command menu and added tips/faq
    • S1: Jobs completely reworked. New jobs added. Progression reset.
    • Added a /clog command
    28th March 2016
    • S1: The maximum mcMMO repair chance has been lowered to 90%
    • S1: The maximum Salvage chance has been lowered to 90%
    26th March 2016
    • S1: High level enchants no longer spawn on mythic items
    • S1: Added more lore to legendaries
    • S1: Temp removed Auctions. The /auc command will redirect to /ah
    23rd March 2016
    • S1: Re-added disguises
    22nd March 2016
    • LOTS more vote rewards added
    • Disabled identifying due to a bug
    21st March 2016
    • Updated the server maps to HD
    20th March 2016
    • Added Mending & Frost Walker to mcMMO fishing enchants
    19th March 2016
    • Added new players heads to the vote rewards
    • Re-trialing pets
    • S1: Removed the creation fee on /ahc
    • S1: Changed how antisnipe works
    17th March 2016
    • Due to a bug, the faction monster flag is no longer togglable and is on by default
    • S1: Updated MythicDrops. Turned the identifying feature back on
    16th March 2016
    • S1: Map re-added
    15th March 2016
    • S2: /back cooldown reduced to 15 minutes (5 minutes for fingerz)
    14th March 2016
    • Craftbook pipes re-enabled
    • S2: Offline explosions enabled
    • Trail effects added to every rank
    13th March 2016
    • Pets are causing client crashes. Disabled again
    • View distance increased to 10 (end excluded)
    • The end world now has a radius of 5000 and resets weekly (Sunday)
    12th March 2016
    • Pets have been re-added
    • Chorus Fruit teleportation disabled in the survival and nether worlds
    11th March 2016
    • S2: Added Chorus Fruit to /kit welfare
    • Craftbook pipes temporarily disabled (possible lag issues)
    • S1: Max lottery tickets increased to 10. 150% payout (up from 90%)
    10th March 2016
    • S1: Faction chat is working again
    • S1: Factions banks re-enabled
    • The end is no longer explorable beyond the main island
    • Dragon Heads and Elytra can be purchased from the point shop or won as vote rewards
    • S1: Chorus fruit is available from the Admin Shop
    • Updated the point shop prices to be in line with 7 vote sites
    • Added Frost Walker to Ruby Slippers (Legendary store item)
    8th March 2016
    • The End seed is now randomised every reset
    • S1: Spawn eggs from the admin shop now give the correct item type
    • S1: Elytra are available in the /ashop
    • Broken ores should now remain seated
    5th March 2016
    • S2: Faction claims no longer need to be connected
    • S2: Faction power increased to 15. Power regen increased to .5 per minute. Power loss per death increased to 5.
    3rd March 2016
    • The wild command on S2 can now be used twice
    • Implemented several new PvP features
    • Added a re-usable kit to S2. /kit welfare
    2nd March 2016
    • The wild command on S2 is now restricted to one use only
    • The end is now playable on S2
    • GMC and SB have been removed
    • S2 chat has been changed to dark green. Chat from IRC is now grey
    • Fixed an issue with faction chat on S2
    23rd February 2016
    • Signedit is no longer functioning and has been removed.
    22nd February 2016
    • Damaged items can no longer be auctioned
    • Silverfish no longer drop spoons or items
    9th February 2016
    • Increased the /wild cooldown to 2 minutes
    • S1 map size increased to 10000x10000 (up from 5000x5000)
    24th December 2015
    • Switched the server time to UTC
    12th December 2015
    • Due to severe bugs BSU's, HSU's and Item Routers have been disabled on S2
    • 3 new blocks added to the point shop: Green Present 2, Red Present 2, Snowman
    11th December 2015
    • Common and Uncommon loot will no longer drop
    7th December 2015
    • mcMMO added to SB
    26th November 2015
    • Server became unstable. The RAM was replaced.
    25th November 2015
    • The nick command now has a 24 hour cooldown
    22nd November 2015
    • SB: Reduced the local chat distance to 100 blocks
    21st November 2015
    • Skyblock re-added
    3rd November 2015
    • The creative unlimited world has been extended by 1000 blocks. New size: 3000x3000
    2nd November 2015
    • The creative plot world has been extended by 1000 blocks. New size: 3000x3000
    1st November 2015
    • Auction house re-added.
    • Maps re-added for GMC
    31st October 2015
    • Server hardware update: i7-4790K, 32GB RAM, 2x240GB SSD's
    28th October 2015
    • Sifted Ore can now be purchased from the Admin Shop
    26th October 2015
    • Server maps have been removed
    19th October 2015
    • All Simefun dusts (and energized variants) are now available to every rank.
    14th October 2015
    • Slimefun added to S2
    • Due to how slimefun works and the overwhelming exploit potential of the /rename command, we have no choice but to remove rename from S2
    28th September 2015
    • The quest system is far to buggy in it's current state, We have been forced to remove it
    25th September 2015
    • In order to improve performance and reduce the amount of requests sent to the map plugin, all map images are cached for 60 minutes (Faction data excluded)
    22th September 2015
    • GMC is now back online
    20th September 2015
    • SB permanently shutdown
    • GMC temporarily shutdown
    • Cooldown on wild increased to 60 seconds (up from 30)
    13th September 2015
    • Quests Added to S1 & s2
    • PVP arena added to S2
    • Removed on-screen faction messages
    • Lottery changes: Draws every 12 hours, 100 spoons per ticket, 5 tickets max
    9th September 2015
    • Added a new Fingerz perk: SmokeTrails
    • //wand & //count available to GrubbyTap+
    • Worldedit re-enabled in GMC
    6th September 2015
    • re-added sbay (chat auction) on S1
    5th September 2015
    • re-added sbay (chat auction) on S2
    4th September 2015
    • The Monster faction flag can now be toggled on S2 (same price as S1)
    • Firespread & mob grief disabled on S2 and explosions disabled on claimed land
    26th August 2015
    30th July 2015
    • S1, S2 & SB have been updated to 1.8.8
    • Bloodmoon has been re-enabled on S2
    24th June 2015
    • Updated mcMMO which comes with a new Flux Pickaxe feature. See here
    9th June 2015
    • Stats added to S2
    5th June 2015
    25th May 2015
    • 2 new mob arenas added to S1 and S2
    16th May 2015
    • The Local channel radius now matches the maximum radius of/near (200 blocks)
    5th May 2015
    • Mushroom jump is now only active in GMC
    • Legendary tier drop rates have been lowered to 1.5%
    4th May 2015
    • Added a 3 minute cooldown to /ahs
    3rd May 2015
    • Added a 5 second delay on the 'home' command in the PvP arena. This is the only way to leave the arena once inside.
    26th April 2015
    • Increased the faction power cap to 500
    25th April 2015
    • Legendary Armor and spawners added to the admin shop on S1/2 -No longer available
    • /baltop has been disabled
    24th April 2015
    • Diamonds can now only be sold using ChestShops and have a minimum sell price of 400.
    • The +20 power boost in the point shop has been bumped to +100, with an increased price of 300 spoons
    15th April 2015
    • Updated all servers to version 1.8.3
    • Bloodmoon is currently not working wit the latest server update, it should be back soon.
    14th March 2015
    • All ranks may now create craftbook mechanics
    12th March 2015
    • Added an optional authentication system to help protect player accounts. See here
    10th March 2015
    • New custom recipes added. See here
    9th March 2015
    • Added new shop warp rules. See here
    28th April 2015
    • Spawners can no longer be dropped by any rank, sold on the AH/chestshops, or placed by ranks lower than Kingspoon. Players who purchase a spawner from the store have a 1 hour window to place that spawner.
    2nd May 2015
    • Legendary items are tagged with the players name who purchased them. They cannot be sold or stolen.
    • Keep Inventory has been enabled in the PvP arena
    6th March 2015
    • Added weekly and monthly vote counts to /ontime
    3rd March 2015
    • /ontime will now show the time of the last vote
    2nd March 2015
    • In order to prevent issues with excessively large farms we have put a entity limit of 50 per chunk in place. This limit counts for both animals and hostiles. When this limit is exceeded players inside the chunk will be notified and entities will be culled.
    1st March 2015
    • Mobarena: Violethold is now available on S2
    28th February 2015
    • Due to an issue with Slime spawners, Slimes will no longer drop money
    • Nettlez can no longer use the Global chat channel in the main spawn area on S1
    • Global channel has been made unavailable while inside the PvP arena
    27th February 2015
    • Sheep, Pig, Cow, Wolf and Silverfish pets can now be bought with saladpoints
    26th February 2015
    • Pets added. Pig available to all ranks. /pets
    • Mobarena: Violethold added
    22nd February 2015
    • Prism inspection wand has been disabled as it shows information that is not relevant for players. This was supposed to have disabled awhile ago
    • Removed the wild warps on S1
    • /wild cooldown reduced to 30 seconds
    21st February 2015
    • The lottery now draws every 4 hours on S1, and every 12 hours on S2
    • Added ChestShop transaction logs. Shop owners will be able to see which items sold while they were offline.
    19th February 2015
    • Saplings are no longer part of the woodcutter job
    • mcMMO woodcutting double drop chance cap has been lowered to 60%
    18th February 2015
    • Bloodmoon has been re-enabled on S2
    17th February 2015
    • Lottery now draws every 2 hours. 500 spoons per ticket, 2 max.
    15th February 2015
    • Disabled the socketing feature in mythic drops due to lag caused by it
    14th February 2015
    • Disabled craftbook planters, crafters, clocks and harvesters due to severe lag. Full list of disabled ICs can be seen here (update: all ICs are disabled)
    9th February 2015
    • Factions updated. This is a major update with many new commands. see /f
    3rd February 2015
    • Migrated to a new permissions system
    31st January 2015
    • Re-enabled MythicDrops
    30th January 2015
    • Woodcutter job added
    • Re-added spawn eggs to the Admin Shop and MobArena
    15th January 2015
    • Armor Stands can now be placed in the creative server
    30th December 2014
    • Snow no longer gives mcMMO excavation xp
    • Disguises have been re-enabled
    28th December 2014
    • Fixed an issue where using a bed to set home would be ignored and take the player back to the main hub in S1
    • Chairs have been re-enabled
    20th December 2014
    • Factions are now back on dynmap
    • Due to the ever increasing amount of exploits with /stack, we have been forced to disable it
    19th December 2014
    • /wild cooldown increased to 5 minutes
    18th December 2014
    • All minecraft servers were successfully moved to a new host in france
    15th December 2014
    • Dynmap and SilkSpawners have both been re-enabled. Please note that if either plugin causes issues they will be removed without notice.
    • 150 mcmmo levels bought from the store now applies to all skills
    12th December 2014
    • Block updates and growth have been re-enabled in GMC
    11th December 2014
    • MythicDrops was removed from all servers due to bugs and lack of updates
    • New server added: Skyblock
    10th December 2014
    • Dynmap has been disabled due to it causing high server load. This may return if we can come up with a suitable solution. Check claimed chunks using '/f map on'
    • Added milk to all Mob Arena classes
    • Added rabbit spawn eggs and prismarine shards/crystals to the MA rewards
    9th December 2014
    • Dynmap Factions now shows the owner and members in the tooltip
    8th December 2014
    • CreativeGates (fingerz perk) has been reverted back to the version we used in 1.7, See here for usage instructions
    • Added emeralds to excavation. Needs a minimum level of 500
    • Added prismarine shards and crystals to excavation. Needs a minimum level of 250. Only drops from clay
    • Increased the drop chance of quartz from excavation.
    • Diamonds will now start to drop at an excavation level of 600. Down from 1500
    7th December 2014
    • Voting now rewards XP once again
    • Fishing will now always produce fish even if treasure is found
    • Added Depth Strider III book to the point shop
    • The legendary boots at the server store have been updated to included Depth Strider III
    • The rare custom drop boots have been updated to include Depth Strider II
    • Exotic and Legendary tier boots now have a chance to spawn with Depth Strider I-III
    • Salad Point rewards prices have been lowered for most items
    • Slightly increased the drop chance of Artisan, Epic, Legendary and custom items. The tiers now look like this: Common (75%), Uncommon (50%), Rare (25%), Exotic (7.5%), Artisan (5%), Epic (3.5%), Legendary (2.5%), Custom (0.5%).
    • Epic and Exotic have switched places. This was done to make epic items feel more... epic.
    6th December 2014
    • Dynmap re-added on S2
    • Silkspawners has been disabled due a vanilla bug which causes spawners to revert to default (pig)
    • Re-added MythicDrops
    5th December 2014
    • Dynmap re-added on S1
    4th December 2014
    • The mcMMO double drop chance cap can now be reached at mining level 1000. Down from 2000. This will mean all players will notice an increase in the drop chance percentage.
    • 1.8 doors and gates can now be locked
    2nd December 2014
    • Reset S2 and updated the server to 1.8
    • Re-added jobs
    • Lowered faction claim prices on S1 and S2
    • Bloodmoon has been temp. disabled on S2
    • The Exp. reward from voting has been temporarily removed while we investigate an issue
    • Mining job payout has been doubled
    • A nasty bug with AH transaction logs has been discovered. The only solution we have right now is to not read the books. The title of the books have been changed to notify players. -Resolved
    • Craftbook has been re-enabled
    1st December 2014
    • Reset S1 and updated the server to 1.8. GMC is also running 1.8
    • Temporarily disabled Craftbook, Mythicdrops, Dynmap and item recovery for fingerzdue to bugs (item recovery re-enabled)
    • Faction warps no longer available. Items frames cannot be protected by faction claims
    • CreativeGates now use diamond blocks instead of emerald blocks
    • mcMMO double drop chance has been capped at 60%. Down from 90%
    • Fixed an issue with the /wild command where players would be teleported to the edge of the world border
    • The faction chat command is now /fchat
    25th November 2014
    • Re-enabled join/leave messages and customized them.
    19th October 2014
    • New spawn added.
    27th September 2014
    • /glist is now available to all players
    24th September 2014
    • Added 4 more custom recipes
    • The steve head recipe has been re-designed and is now much easier to craft
    • Lessened the materials needed to craft the mini blocks
    23rd September 2014
    21st September 2014
    • /f chest command added. Lets you share a chest with the entire faction, accessible anywhere. Set with /f chest set
    • Due to a /f warp bug within the latest version of a plugin we have been forced to downgrade. This means /f chest has been removed for the time being.
    20th September 2014
    • Wide selection of heads and mini blocks added as salad point rewards
    • PVP chat has been separated from the rest of the servers (remerged)
    18th September 2014
    • Voting system changes: see thispost
    14th September 2014
    • The 1.8 client now allows faster flight by pressing the CTRL key. As a result we have disabled /speed for fingerz.
    • New fingerz perk added: firework gun (/pewpew)
    • Grappling Hooksadded to servers S1, S2, PVP
    • New custom recipe:Zombie Cookies
    13th September 2014
    • Trading exploit found in Mob arena. Trading disabled there.
    • Made the tablist look 20% cooler.
    12th September 2014
    • New world added to GMC: Unlimited Biomes. Available to RustySpoon+
    11th September 2014
    • Removed the teleport (/tpa /back etc) cooldown on S1
    10th September 2014
    • Added a /wild command to the S1 & S2 servers. This will teleport the player to a random location within the map. 1 minute cooldown.
    9th September 2014
    • Obsidian Destroyer is now a PVP server only feature.
    • Re-added MushroomJump to the S1 & S2 servers.
    8th September 2014
    • PVP server launched.
    7th September 2014
    • S2 is now a separate server and the map has been reset. The server command /pve has been renamed to /s1.
    • The auction house has been re-enabled in S1 & S2. Chat auction removed.
    31st August 2014
    • Chain Mail is now repairable and salvageable. Awards slightly less XP than Iron Armor.
    • Removed Identify Tomes due to a bug with mcMMO. Unidentified items will no longer drop.
    • Changed the Artisan drop rate from 10% to 4.5%. This now makes Artisan gear rarer than Epic tiered loot. Tier order: Common (75%), Uncommon (50%), Rare (25%), Epic (7.5%), Artisan (4.5%), Exotic (2.5%), Legendary (1%), Custom (0.5%)
    30th August 2014
    • Added Bread, Cooked Chicken, Cooked Beef, Seeds and Bricks to the Admin Shop
    • mcMMO repair has been slightly nerfed. It is now no longer possible to obtain 100% AF chance unless purchased from the store. The AF level cap has also been increased to 2000. The ranks now look like this: (I'd like to stress that the reason for this nerf is not to make more people purchase 100% repair from the store. I just do not like any ability to have a 100% chance to do something)

    29th August 2014
    • Potion supply kit buffed to include more ingredients, supporting the new potions included within McMMO alchemy.
    • Common, Uncommon, Rare and Artisan loot tiers can now spawn with unsafe enchants on them. Higher quality tiers unaffected.
    • Shuffled around the mob loot tables. Creepers and Enderman will drop less junk and are now able to drop legendarys. Skeletons and Zombies will drop more junk.
    • Enabled fire spread, enderman griefing and explosions within Faction land in S2
    • Obsidian, Ender Chests and Enchantment Tables can now be destroyed with 3 TNT hits, water will not protect them. The durability of these blocks will slowly regenerate over time. Anvils with be destroyed with 1 TNT hit.
    28th August 2014
    • Craftbook IC's MC1220 & MC1221 have been disabled in S1, as they can break locked chests owned by anyone.
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