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A note to parents

Discussion in 'Community Help' started by MrsSalad, 17 June 2014.

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    To the parents:

    First off, I would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of Minecraft. I know most of you don’t know much about the game, but I wanted to personally write you letter so you can know a bit more of what your child is doing on the internet.

    What is Minecraft? Zombies?

    Without going into huge amounts of detail, Minecraft is a simple, block-placing, game that allows your child to build whatever they can think up. Several of our players play as a group, and they get ideas from others. I’ve seen some very creative and even beautiful things created by some of your children.

    Now, there are zombies, skeletons, creepers (green creatures with no arms that explode when they are near you), giant spiders, endermen (tall skinny guys that attack only when looked at) and dragons in the game. However, it is not a gory game at all. It is very pixelated and there is no blood and gore. Players will hit them with a sword or bow & arrow and the mob will then drop to the floor leaving behind items to pick up.

    Players will do a lot of exploring within the game to find the materials to create the blocks they need to build the creations they have in mind. Some of the blocks take a good amount of time to gather.

    Alright. So I get what Minecraft is now, but who are you?

    My name is Tiffany. My husband Gareth and I run this server. Now, we are not the creators of Minecraft. That is Mojang. We just run this server, SaladCraft. We are in no way affiliated with Mojang.

    Why do you run this server? Are you weirdos?

    HAHA! No. (At least not that I’m aware of) We are just ordinary folks that like the game. I am 30 and my husband is 34. We live in the US.

    I paid the $30 or so to buy the game, so why is my child bugging me to spend more?

    Our server runs completely on donations. It costs a pretty penny to keep it running smoothly. Within our server store we offer several items for real money. Please keep in mind that NONE of these items are required to be purchased to play the game. A player could easily spend nothing and get relatively the same experience as someone that donated. The only real difference is a few perks. If you would like to see our store and the items we have to offer click here. When asked for a Minecraft name, type in your child's in-game-name or if you don't know it use saladfingerz. That is my husband’s in-game-name. Also referred to as an IGN. We need the name so that if a purchase goes through it goes to the correct player.

    Furthermore, we use Paypal for all transactions. Paypal is 100% secure. We receive zero personal or card information.

    My child is upset, saying that they've been banned? What’s going on?

    We try hard to keep all the players playing nicely together. With a bunch of kids ranging in ages from around 7 – 17 (some adults play as well) it isn't always easy to keep things rated PG. But we do our best. We have a list of rules that all players are required to read and abide by. Click here for the rules. If your child was banned from the server they will have broken one or more rules. Now, if they wish for a second chance, they can fill out a ban appeal form. Click here to see the form. My husband and I will review the appeal, and discuss with the staff member that banned them to discuss if they deserve another chance. 98% of the time we lift the ban, or shorten it to a temporary ban.

    You have a staff?

    Yes. There is a small group of individuals that we have enlisted to help us keep all the players obeying the rules. We have a staff application that every potential staff member must fill out. Also, the current staff discuss if they feel that that player would fit in well with the group and if they would be able to handle the responsibility. At times it can become a bit trying when there are 60+ players on and several groups are getting into mischief at once. But we try to lean on each other so that one staff member isn't taking the bulk of all the responsibility.

    My child said that they have applied for a staff position. Why do they need Skype?

    Large portions of our staff are adults. We have busy lives and can’t always be on the server to handle issues. Especially my husband and I. So, when an issue occurs they can hop on Skype, enter our group chat and let us know what the issue is. Sometimes it is that the server has crashed or something is happening so that players cannot join. We can access the server remotely through our phones to sort out any issues if we are not at home. Please know that we will NEVER ask your child for any personal information, nor do we ever call each other. We use Skype purely for the typing chat feature. That is all.

    So, that's it. This is SaladCraft. Please know that while your child is within our server or website we will do our best to keep as much as we can age appropriate. We understand that some of the children that play here are young and we take that into consideration. If you have concerns with anything, feel free to send us an email. We will do our best to address them.



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