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A lil bit about me

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Skwhirl, 4 August 2019.

  1. Skwhirl Member

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    20 November 2017
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    1. I’m from Texas, and have lived here my whole life.
    2. I do graphic design for a small newspaper, and have worked there for 14 years.
    3. I have one daughter and a small scruffy dog.
    4. I’m a huge animal lover, and work with local wildlife rehabilitators to rescue and release.
    5. I have rescued squirrel, raccoons, opossum, rabbits, birds, and fox.
    6. Squirrel are my favorite (like a cross between a kitten and a monkey)
    7. I am happiest outdoors, and enjoy camping and hiking.
    8. I am completely and utterly socially awkward.
    9. My favorite colors are dependent on my mood, but I lean towards the warm side.
    Fun fact: I have dug through the guts of road kill at a busy intersection to rescue baby possum. Still not sure how I didn’t get the cops called on me. People were appalled. Successfully rescued and released 5 babies though.
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  2. megazoroark Member

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    This is awesome!!!