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Saladcraft - PvE Minecraft Server

by MrsSalad at 01:55
(104 Views / 1 Likes)
Repeating once every 16 hours, this plugin will promt you that a fishing contest is about to begin. Once it starts, you then have 10 minutes to fish as much as you can. The winner is determined by the size and rarity of the fish caught. During the contest, you can check to see where you are ranked by using the command /mf top. The fish that are caught during the contest will not be able to be caught outside of the contest. The top 3 fishermen will win big prizes. However, even if you don't...
by Saladfingers at 10:34
(155 Views / 1 Likes)
The top voters for July were:
  1. StrwrzIV: 181
  2. PhoenixFira: 176
  3. Wallybean: 176
  4. AlaraBlackWolf: 170
  5. Barron18: 155
  6. SansHolo: 155
  7. Katsgonecrazy:142
  8. Scarypugz: 135
  9. JackelopeRex: 132
  10. itsJessiesmile: 121
The winners this month are:
  • StrwrzIV: 1 month of Fingerz
  • PhoenixFira: +50 ALL McMMO
  • Wallybean: 10,000 Spoons
  • Katsgonecrazy: +25 ALL mcMMO
We'd like to thank everyone who voted for us!
by Saladfingers at 07:39
(346 Views / 1 Likes)
The crate plugin has been causing numerous issues since we added it, one of them being naturally spawned slimes do not move - they just hover in place. We have no choice but to remove the plugin.

But there is an upside: Slime spawners have been re-added to the server store along with Guardian, Zombie Pigman, Enderman, Wolf, Ocelot & Iron Golem spawners.
by Saladfingers at 17:18
(294 Views / 0 Likes)
The top voters for June were:
  1. DualMage532: 196
  2. StrwrzIV: 192
  3. Drizzte: 186
  4. LeonWales: 166
  5. xandercusa98: 165
  6. Lulluhbye: 159
  7. Scarypugz: 158
  8. Stockerfocker: 152
  9. JackelopeRex: 151
  10. AlaraBlackWolf: 147
The winners this month are:
  • DualMage532: 1 month of Fingerz
  • StrwrzIV: +50 ALL McMMO
  • Drizzte: 10,000 Spoons
  • AlaraBlackWolf: +25 ALL mcMMO
We'd like to thank everyone who voted for us!
by Saladfingers at 10:29
(543 Views / 0 Likes)
As most of you are aware 1.10 has been out for several days now. We've been waiting for plugins to become more stable before going ahead and updating.

The server will be updating to 1.10 at midnight server time (UTC). The nether will be reset but we have no current plans to reset the overworld, a map extension may take place

The crates plugin has not yet been updated for 1.10 so this will be replaced for the time being with the trails plugin. We are also considering re-adding Quests....